The Mountain

In case your wondering what my logo is all about


When people think about Mexico, they think about what they see on the news.
They don't think about this mountain.
Because this mountain doesn't make the news.

After nearly three weeks spent traveling through the beautiful state of Nuevo Leon,
Here's my advice for anyone whose ready to hear about the real Mexico.

Come here if you're ready to dance, ready to eat, and ready to walk.
Go to Real de Catorce.
But if people are crawling on their knees to St. Francis - don't walk in front of them.
Spend the day in Guanajuato.
And shiver in the the Museum of Mummies.
Release a balloon to celebrate Three Kings Day,
As you watch the annual parade acting out the nativity scene.
Finish your trip in Monterrey.
Where you'll stand in awe of Cerro de la Silla (Saddle of the Sky).
Wondering how this mountain doesn't make the news.