Who answers "sloth" to the question
"what's your spirit animal?" Me.

I was once asked "What's your spirit animal?" in an interview.
I answered, "Sloth."
"Why?" She asked.
I responded, "Cause they're cool."

I didn't get that job.

Upon reflection, I realized "Cause they're cool" wasn't my best answer.
So when I was asked that question again for my current job,
I tried to think of a different animal.

I thought of expected answers like dog, dolphin, elephant, and so on.
But that was boring.
The voice in my head kept screaming “SLOTH!!!!” 
I decided to give my brain some credit and explore why I couldn't let it go.

Here's my new justification.

Sloths aren’t slow… they take their time.
Rushed work isn’t good work.
Sloths probably shouldn’t exist according to Darwin’s evolution theory.
I’ve made enough mistakes where I probably shouldn’t exist either, but somehow I’m still alive.
And, hey, I’ve learned a lot along the way.
Sloths are nocturnal.
I think of some of my best (and strangest) ideas when I can’t sleep.
The first time I ever saw a sloth was in Costa Rica.
Which was also the first time I ever traveled outside of the U.S.
So, I strongly associate sloths with escaping my cultural bubble.
Sloths don't make much noise.
But, I'm not quiet. I'm thoughtful.

Thinking through it like that, 
I'm proud to say my spirit animal is a sloth.