Make Lowe's a credible authority in smart home technology.


Five Lowe's store visits and four competitor store visits revealed that Lowe's is missing an opportunity. Instead of trying to convert customers from Best Buy and Amazon, Lowe's needs to turn their existing consumer-base into smart home believers. Simmons and over 20 in-depth interviews reinforced our hypothesis.



Lowe's isn't the first stop for smart home buyers. Instead of trying to convert smart home buyers into Lowe's customers, Lowe's customers should become smart home buyers. 


Develop a unique role Lowe's can play in the smart tech game by leveraging their current consumer base.


The Sandwich Generation (Age range: 45-65) 
These are the people walking through Lowe's the most every day. They are open-minded about technology but aren't familiar with all of its capabilities. They appreciate technology more when they feel like it's making their lives better or easier. For them, functionality trumps entertainment. 


These people see smart home tech as unnecessary gadgets. To convert them to smart home believers, they need to see smart home technology as practical and essential to their home.


With Lowe's, smart home is the next evolution of home improvement.

Creative Campaign

Concept: Make Lowe's customers comfortable with smart home by making smart home more like home.
Tag: We make smart home, home. 




In-store Updates

Kiosk: At each store we visited, we noticed that there was no consistency of where smart home products can be found. To help alleviate confusion we created a kiosk that will help customers find exactly what they are looking for. 

In-store Display: A key learning from our store visits
was that the smart products often lack context and
customers can't picture them in their homes. With this in-store display, customers can truly understand how smart home products would function in their homes.

Takeaway: If a customer tests out one of the products on display, this Polaroid will print out with more information. 

I got by with a little help from my friends: 
Alex Robinson (CBM), Casey Phillips (AD)Brian Marcolini (CW), Billy Reano (XD)